17 October 2012

Wednesday With Sr. Mary Berchmans

As we move forward in this week, let us listen to St. Margaret Mary’s words of wisdom so she can show us how we may grow in our love for the Heart of Jesus.

“Love, glory and praise be forever to the Heart of our adorable Savior. He is all love, all loving and all lovable!”

“I experience suffering on all sides, yet I will not fear, because I keep myself strongly entrenched in my secure fortress – the Sacred Heart of my divine Master. Like a wise leader, he deals out to me just enough strength for each occasion.”

“Take up your abode in this adorable Heart; bring to it your little vexations and annoyances, and your heart will then be calmed. You will find in this divine Heart the remedy for your ills, strength in your weakness and a refuge in all your needs.”

“To work or to suffer is all one to a heart that loves. Let us, then, leave the future to the loving Providence of this divine Heart which only asks of us fidelity to the present moment.”

“Refer all events to God so you may receive from his hand sweetness as well as bitterness, vexations as well as consolations. Bless his holy will in all that causes you suffering.”

“The Sacred Heart wishes for humble and submissive hearts that will have no other interest but to accomplish his good pleasure.”

I hope one or more of these thoughts might inspire us all to live a life immersed in the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He has shown us the way to live a holy life in the Gospels where St. Margaret Mary also found her inspiration and direction.

Sr. Mary Berchmans Hannan, VHM

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liz said...

I did not Know that this saint Was a visitation sister!