08 October 2012

Part two of Fr. Lingan's sermon

This week we are serializing a sermon by Fr. Joseph E. Lingan, S.J. on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross that he gave on September 14, 2012 to the Georgetown Visitation Sisters at morning mass in our chapel.

Part 2 of 6

If on the cross we discover our honest self, sinful and ungrateful, we also find ourselves closely united with Jesus and Jesus with ourselves. If we look upon the cross with this kind of vision and faith, we are healed and saved. "There is no other name in the whole world given to men and women by which we are to be saved" (Acts 4:12).

This recognition of ourselves, our sinful and grumbling selves, stamped upon the dying person of Jesus, is what John is writing about. To accept this union of our sinful self with Jesus' sinless self, to perceive such love on Jesus' part that He looks like ourselves and takes our burdens upon Himself--all this requires faith.

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