02 October 2012

From Sr. Mary Roberta: Good comment on today's feast by St. John Vianney

Saint John-Mary Vianney (1786-1859), priest, Curé of Ars
Sermon for the Feast of the Guardian Angels

"I am sending my angel before you" (Exodus 23,20)

Although the good God is sufficient to himself, nevertheless he makes use of the ministry of the angels to govern the world... When we see God taking such care of our lives we conclude that our souls are something truly great and precious if he is to employ all that is greatest in his court for its preservation and sanctification. He has given us his Son to save us; this same Son... gives to each of us one, and even several angels, who are solely occupied in asking on our behalf the graces and helps to our salvation that we need... Oh, how little people know what they are and what they were made for! In Holy Scripture we read that the Lord said to his people: “See, I am sending an angel before you, to guard you on the way” (Exodus 23,20)...

We should often pray to our guardian angels, carefully respect them and, above all, try to imitate them in all our actions. And the first thing we need to imitate in them is the thought of the presence of God... Surely, if we were completely penetrated with God's presence, how could we do evil? How much more pleasing to God would be all our good deeds!... God said to Abraham: “Would you be blameless? Walk in my presence” (Genesis 17,1). How could we possibly forget God so easily when we have Him always with us? Why are we not full of respect and gratitude towards our angels, who accompany us day and night?... Perhaps you will say: “I'm too unworthy to merit it.” My brethren, not only does God not lose sight of you for an instant but he gives you an angel who never ceases to guide your steps. Ah, happiness too great, yet too little known!

Sr. Mary Roberta Viano, VHM

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