18 October 2012

Thursday With Sr. Mary Berchmans

Today I would like to share with you a few of the Prayers of Intercession found in our Divine Office on the feast of our Saint Margaret Mary. They seem to describe beautifully all the important aspects of a faithful Christian life.

Lord, you chose the image of your Heart to make known through St. Margaret Mary your love for humankind. Trusting in that Heart we pray,

Enkindle the flame of your love in our hearts.

O Sacred Heart, abyss of all goodness into which St. Margaret Mary plunged her every desire,

Encourage the impoverished to bring their emptiness to you so that you may fill them with your riches.

O Sacred Heart whom St. Margaret Mary knew as source of all joy,

Embrace the sorrowful and turn their mourning into dancing!

O Sacred Heart, you taught St. Margaret Mary that you desire obedience rather than sacrifice,

Grace us to find your will through faithfulness to our calling and to our life’s situations.

O Sacred Heart, you willed that St. Margaret Mary’s revelations be proclaimed to the world,

Continue to bless the many men and women inspired by these revelations and encourage them in their mission of love;

O Sacred Heart, you gave a message of warmth through St. Margaret Mary to a world grown cold,

In today’s world, so often permeated with self-indulgence, may you be known, honored and loved.

 O Sacred Heart, your love consumed St. Margaret Mary;

Set our hearts on fire with your love.

Sr. Mary Berchmans Hannan, VHM

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james said...

Oh1!! they such beautiful prayers...