19 October 2012

Friday With Sr. Mary Berchmans

Some favorite references to the Sacred Heart in the Litany of the Sacred Heart can be a source of quiet meditation as we strive to learn more about the Sacred Heart of Jesus through prayer.

Heart of Jesus:    

Burning furnace of charity

          Vessel of justice and love

          Full of goodness and love

          King and center of all hearts

          In whom are all treasures of wisdom and knowledge

          Of whose fullness we have all received

          Patient and abounding in mercy

Fountain of life and holiness

Source of all consolation

Our peace and reconciliation

Salvation of those who hope in You

Hope of those who die in you

“Patient and abounding in mercy “ is one I like to pray over. I remember a beloved Sister in our community, whose name, incidentally, was Margaret Mary, who had the patience of a saint. I asked her once how she could be so patient and she very quietly said
“When I begin to experience feelings of impatience I pray, “Patience of the Heart of Jesus, fill my heart.”

Perhaps you would like to select one of these invocations that speaks to your heart and use it for prayer. 

Sr. Mary Berchmans Hannan, VHM

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