20 October 2012

Saturday With Sr. Mary Berchmans

As we conclude this week honoring our Saint’s abiding and unfaltering love of the Heart of Jesus, we pray for the grace to learn from her the mystery of God’s infinite love. It is so helpful for us to understand that when life sends us some unexpected blows we can find refuge, strengthening love and courage in the Heart of our loving God. We pray in the words of the Mass for St. Margaret Mary:

Lord, pour out on us the riches of
Your Holy Spirit
which you bestowed on Saint Margaret Mary.
May we come to know the love of Christ,
which surpasses all human understanding,
and be filled with the fullness of God. 

May God Be Praised!

Sr. Mary Berchmans Hannan, VHM

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melisa. said...

Thanks for the good sharing about this saint.