31 July 2006

St. Ignatius

Our monastery of Georgetown has enjoyed a centuries-long friendship with the Society of Jesus. And so it is with a wink and a smile that we share this little gem:

Although we are unable to authenticate this statement, we have been told that Fr. Walter Burghardt, SJ once commented that St. Francis de Sales is - was - living proof that one could be educated by the Jesuits, have a Jesuit for a spiritual director and still be a good Catholic.

All kidding aside, we can think of no better tribute to our beloved chaplains, brothers, and friends in the Society of Jesus than St. Francis de Sales' own words of praise:

"If Geneva has worked such terrible ravage amongst us, it is because we were idle; while we were asleep the enemy set our house on fire and we should all of us have been lost if the Divine Goodness had not raised up the Fathers of the Society of Jesus, those powerful minds, those great men, possessed of such untiring courage, such intrepid zeal . . . who have re-established the true faith . . . and are filling the world with learned men and are destroying heresy in every direction."

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