17 July 2006

Nursery School Update

Faithful readers will remember that we featured our nursery school graduates as they were moving out into the garden in late May. Here we provide a little update on our transplants. Sister Earlene, faithful "waterer" of the tomato patch, is pictured here between two robust Brandywine tomato plants.

In addition to the transplants, we are still monitoring the squirrels' "gift" to us. Thanks to the overabundance of rain of the past few weeks, the squirrels' plant is flourishing. The tiny seedling we pictured in May is growing into a member of the melon/cucumber family. It is still to early to tell what fruit might emerge from the flowers which have begun to bud. We shall wait to see what surprises the Lord (and the squirrels) have in store for us.

"God's providence reaches all things, and reduces all things to His glory."
St. Francis de Sales

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