15 July 2006

A Word of Thanks

It seems that we have shared this gem of St. Francis de Sales in a previous blogpost, back in January. It is such an important aspect of our spirituality, however, that it bears repeating in a fitting moment such as this one:

We must neither ask anything nor refuse anything, but leave ourselves absolutely in the arms of divine Providence, without busying ourselves with any desires, except to will what God wills of us. Our whole perfection lies in the practice of this.

To begin to name the kindnesses of our family, friends and benefactors would be to run the inevitable risk of omitting too many. We are deeply grateful for all those whose generosity, creativity and thoughtfulness made the events of the past week smooth and successful. In a matter of days, hundreds of friends, family and alumnae were contacted, the performing arts center was transformed into a sacred space, programs were printed (folded and stuffed!), a reception was planned and there was an abiding peace amid these many details. Not only did our thoughtful benefactors help to make Sister's wake and funeral run smoothly, but they made sure that we stayed well-fed in the days that followed. We thank our faithful friends, alumnae and benefactors for being instruments in the "arms of divine Providence." You are great and we are grateful!

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