03 July 2006

The Coming of the Fourth

Although the celebration of our independence as a nation is a secular holiday, there are far more religious undertones to it than most are willing to admit -- beginning with our national anthem. As a monastery located just a few blocks from the Francis Scott Key bridge, we thought we'd provide a little quiz about the author of our national anthem. The answers can be found by following the link to a superb article written by Dr. Isaac Asimov in 1991.

  • In what year was the anthem written?
  • What was Francis Scott Key's occupation?
  • Why was he aboard a British ship when he wrote our national anthem?
  • What other American was present when the poem was penned?
  • How many stanzas are in the original version of the national anthem?

As we celebrate our nation's freedom this week, we remain mindful of our responsibility as a powerful country with an abundance of resources. And we pray that we may always act justly and wisely. Click here to read Dr. Asimov's article.

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