02 August 2006

Dog Days of Summer

Yes, even the dog has a dog. This is a shot of our noble guard dog, Nicholas, trying to stay cool in these "dog days" of summer. In this picture, he is "protecting" Buddy, his toy dog, whom he treats like a real dog. (We're not sure exactly why he hasn't shredded Buddy, as labs tend to do with toys, but we're grateful and we enjoy watching him nurture the stuffed doggie.)

The temperature is supposed to reach a record 103 degrees today -- even Nick and Buddy will have to take their cuddling inside for most of the day.

No profound spiritual message here -- just a loving reminder to stay cool, hydrated, and out of the sun. St. Francis de Sales said that "We pray best before beauty." True indeed. It is also true that it is difficult to pray when one is hot, sticky, fatigued and dehydrated -- so, if you are experiencing a heat wave, take care of yourself!

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