08 July 2006

Pushing Buttons?

Sister Anne Marie and Mother Philomena enjoy a laugh.

In keeping with Sister Anne Marie's loving embrace of everyone who crossed her path, we share the following excerpt from our local Catholic paper, The Catholic Standard, dated Friday 31 October 1952, which was written about Sister Anne Marie:

"Whether it's Eisenhower or Stevenson, the November 5 spirit should be something like one exemplified by a nun here in Washington, who shall remain nameless but who's gifted with an ample sense of humor.

Seems that ever since school started, this nun's been collecting campaign buttons from the students. Each day she's been sporting a different one, but generally it has been of the 'I like Ike' variety.

The other day, a Stevenson button adorned her habit. An aghast student exclaimed: 'Why Sister, don't tell me you've changed sides!' Sister didn't get it for an instant, then remembered the Stevenson button with an, 'Oh, you mean this.' She assured the student she hadn't changed sides and by way of emphasis, lifted a sort of cape-like effect at the top of her habit. She was wearing dozens of buttons, for both Stevenson and Eisenhower, under the cape.

But right in the middle there was an extra large one which bore this legend:
From the "Capital Sports" column in The Catholic Standard by Bill Ring, father of Hilde Graham (nee Ring) HS '51, JC '53.

It is a profound understatement to say that our dear Sister Anne Marie "liked everybody." Not only did she love every sister, student, guest and family member whom she encountered, she made sure that each one felt loved.
A word to our locals: the Mass of Christian Burial on Monday has been moved from the Chapel of the Sacred Heart to the Nolan Center to accommodate the number of guests anticipated. Those in need of an elevator may enter from the Canney Terrace; all else may enter via the north and south lobbies across from St. Joseph's Hall. Sunday's wake will remain in the Chapel of the Sacred Heart.

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