05 July 2006

The Face that Launched 1,000 Quips

At 1.10pm today the Lord came for our dear Sister Anne Marie. Sister became very ill just a few weeks ago and died very peacefully surrounded by her sisters. Sister was 97 years old and 69 years professed. Until just a few weeks ago she could be found working in the main office of our school at "Sister Anne Marie's Shredding Station," a popular spot for teachers and staff passing through the office.

Sister will be remembered for many things. She was a "Jane" of all trades whose various undertakings included music, art, pottery, and knitting. Sister was the among the first in our community to use a computer and generate greeting cards. More recently, she was known for the sale of her "famous poster" which hit the market 10 years ago in an effort to help raise money to rebuild our chapel. When asked about her poster she'd often wink and say, "Could you make $40,000 off your face?"

It is an understatement to say that sister leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who knew her. Those of us who were privileged to live with her will miss her outstanding example of fidelity in prayer. Sister spent so much time praying in the chapel that one might have mistaken her for a statue. We will miss her witty responses to daily conversations: If we called her name, we often received the following reply "She's not here dearie, can I give her a message when I see her?" Recently, Mother dared to ask, "How are you feeling today, sister?" and with a twinkle in her eye she replied, "If I told you the truth you'd put on your hat and leave town!"

For years Sister Anne Marie would greet our chaplains as they arrived each morning. As she would wait outside the chapel, she would also greet any guests who came for Mass. If it had been a long time since a guest's last visit, sister would use her stage-whisper to remark, "It's nice to see you back in the Church, dearie." She made every visitor and guest feel welcome and loved. Hospitality flowed through her veins and touched all who knew her. We know that she will find her place in the heavenly Visitation among our beloved sisters who have gone before her. Requiescat in pace.

For locals, the wake will be on Sunday night from 5-8pm and the funeral will be on Monday morning at 11.00am. Both will take place in our Chapel of the Sacred Heart.

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