13 May 2006

Nursery School Graduation

No caps. No gowns. No Pomp and Circumstance. This "nursery school graduation" is for 21 tomato plants that will be transplanted to the garden this morning. Sister Anne E poses with the graduating class at left. All the transplants were born in the 4th Floor Fennessy "refugee camp." (If you are wondering why nuns are living in a refugee camp, click here to read a previous post about our renovation.)

All reports from the 4th Floor "refugee camp" confirm that this is a welcome day since the "grow light" which has been in the hall since mid-March is so bright sisters are able to read a book in the "dark" after turning in for the night.

All kidding aside, a garden provides ample opportunity to reflect upon the mystery of creation. Perhaps one of the highlights of something like a "nursery school graduation" is the thrill of looking at a plant and remembering when it was only a seed: dry, lifeless and tiny. It is a small window into the mystery of God himself to be able to look at a healthy plant and say, "I knew you when you were only a seed." Surely God must look at us and say the same thing.

"Be still and bloom where you are planted."

St. Francis de Sales

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