07 January 2007

The Wise Still Seek Him

The magi left the royal court of Herod and followed the star to Bethlehem where it rested upon a stable. The wise men traveled from what was likely a palace to a humble stable where they paid homage to the newborn Messiah. Earthly riches did not cloud the discerning eyes of the magi; they encountered the Lord in a fragile baby, born in a stable. They knew that this was an altogether different kind of royalty, but one very worthy of their gifts and their journey.

We can learn from the magi -- that the Lord is found in the most ordinary of circumstances, in the most humble of places: where we least expect Him to be. Let us, like the wise men, seek the Lord at all times. Let us be vigilant to keep our eyes on all that points toward him, all the "stars" of our life that lead us ever closer to his presence.

"When the magi kissed the feet of Jesus, they kissed the feet of God."
St. Francis de Sales

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