24 January 2007

Solemnity of St. Francis de Sales

This year's Solemnity of St. Francis de Sales is a very different sort of Feast for us; for it finds us settling into our newly renovated Monastery. Despite the little inconveniences to which we need to attend, the joy of being home in the monastery far outweighs any of the unfinished details. And, once again, at risk of boring our readers, we share some pictures from this great event.

On Monday afternoon, prior to our first night in the "new" monastery, we had a formal blessing of all the rooms. Pictured below, Sister Anne Francis, Sister Mary de Sales (candle bearers) and Sister Leonie Therese wait while the rest of the procession visits the Chapel of St. Joseph on the retreat wing for its blessing.

The blessing of the monastery proceeds through the novitiate hallway.

The procession passes the infirmary and approaches the professed sisters' dormitory wing.

More pictures forthcoming!

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