28 January 2007

And Sew on and Sew forth

Yesterday, our Visi moms held a sew-a-thon to complete curtains for most of the rooms in the monastery. They had an amazing crew of "cutters," "sewers," and "runners" who cut, stitched and delivered the finished curtains to several "stations" in the monastery. (We'll have pictures of the fruits of their labors as soon as they're hung -- a great improvement over the bedsheets we used to use as curtains.)

Little by little, as pictures are returning and statues appearing (to say nothing of curtains made with love) the monastery is beginning to feel like home again. Amid the inevitable inconveniences such as not being able to use the dishwasher or washing machines (calling for very creative solutions!), we are grateful for the many kindnesses shown to us by our benefactors. And it is in the spirit of our Holy Father's exhortation that we strive accept the blessings and (the hopefully temporary) challenges which we discover daily:

"Do you ask what I desire should remain most deeply engraved upon your mind, so that you may put it in practice? Desire nothing, refuse nothing. . . let us receive with perfect evenness of mind all that the Providence of God may permit. May God give us the grace to do this."

St. Francis de Sales

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