21 January 2007

Happy Campers!

The days are growing closer! For those of our readers who have been following our journey to the promised land -- during our ten months (who's counting!?) in exile -- we have a few pictures of some very happy campers who can see the end of the exile approaching on the horizon. Pictured below, Sister Mary Austin pauses to do some spiritual reading in a new chair.

Sister Bernardine, below, gives her seal of approval on one of the new chairs in our assembly room. We're not sure we will recognize the room without a complete set of "unmatching" chairs!

On Saturday, many of our Visi Dads came and moved boxes, arranged furniture, assembled beds (and some moms were seen doing heavy lifting, too) while Moms and daughters helped clean and unpack. While many worked hard, some of us, er, worked hard at entertaining our cheerful helpers. Below, Sister Mada-anne seizes the opportunity to pose on an empty statue pedestal.

. . . and Sister Anne E thinks she's Augustus Caesar -- though she looks a lot more like she's trying to hail a taxi than the noble style of Polyclitus' spear carrier. Fortunately for the community, the Blessed Mother will soon be atop that pedestal. Stay tuned for more pictures.

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