17 January 2007

A Cut Above the Rest!

As we make final preparations for our move back into our renovated monastery, we have the opportunity to make new door tags. One of our monastic customs is to have a saint's name and a virtue on the door of each sister's room, as well as that of our common rooms and offices. Pictured below, Sister Mary de Sales prepares the engraving machine for the virtue "courage."

Many years ago, when she was director of athletics, the price of engraving skyrocketed from 2 cents a letter to 15 cents a letter. Sister recalls being so frugal that the year the price increased, the "Ping Pong Runner-Up" trophy read, "PPRU." (Apparently sister was working on a 60 cent budget!) Given the cost of engraving, Mother Cecilia thought it was a great idea for Sister Mary de Sales to learn how to engrave. And learn she did.

One anecdote that Sister tells with a chuckle is how, as a student at Visitation, Sister Mary de Sales, on a national spelling test, scored in the lowest 10% of the nation. She recalls being late to field hockey practice because she had to go to an after-school spelling class in Mother Mary Leonard's office. That Sister is "spelling-challenged" is no secret in community -- and it was Sister Mary Paula who, upon hearing that she was taking up engraving, said to Sister Mary de Sales, "Now it will cost you money to misspell a word!" Lo, these many years later, Sister is still a poor speller but she is a very fine engraver! Pictured below is the plate for Room 405: the virtue is courage and the soon-to-be-engraved saint is our Holy Sister, Saint Margaret Mary. Stay tuned for more pictures!

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