11 January 2007

Spreading the Good News

The former-leper in today's Gospel was asked to present himself only to the priests and not to tell anyone about his miraculous healing. Instead, he does just the opposite. If we may overlook his failure to obey Jesus' wishes, we can find in this leper a good example of how we should respond to the gifts which we receive from the Lord.

In our culture, where rugged independence is praised, esteemed and encouraged, we are not often comfortable telling everyone about a little (or big) grace we have received from the Lord. There is something in the message of the media which exhorts us to be fiercely independent and self-made beings. And yet the Lord would have it otherwise. He invites us, constantly, to tell him our needs and to ask for them. When we receive a blessing, a happy surprise, let us not keep it quiet, but let us share it with those around us. Let us make known the wonders of our God!

"As regards your smaller consolations and joys, I wish you not to be so reserved about them, and, when the occasion presents itself, to speak of the frankly and simply to one another."
St. Francis de Sales

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