05 September 2006

High-quality Labor!

Summer sang its swan song yesterday as Labor Day marked the last day of vacation before today's opening day of school. Living in exile, it is hard to have a Labor Day barbecue without a barbecue, but our Sister Mary Austin and her trusty helpers managed to produce a fine "indoor picnic" for dinner on our last day of summer break. Among the happy "cleaner-uppers" was our canon-lawyer-in-residence, Sister Rose, SSJ. Sister was enjoying a break from classes at the University and joined us for our "indoor picnic." She was assisted by expert "dry-cleaners" Sister Mary de Sales and Sister Jacqueline. (Not many folks can boast about having a canon lawyer wash their dishes!)

Newly-polished floors signal the beginning of school and the arrival of our students. As we begin another school year, today, we are grateful for the many hands that helped to get the school prepared for opening day: buildings cleaned, welcome signs hung, building repairs completed, parking passes issued, schedules printed, homeroom folders prepared, supply closets stocked, etc., and rumor has it that there is even a new coffee machine in the faculty room. Thanks to all who pitched in!

A little thought as we commence the school year:

"Let us have a thoroughly pure intention of willing the honor of God and His glory in all things; let us do the little we can for that end . . . and let us leave to God the care of all the rest."
St. Francis de Sales

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