26 September 2006

Road Trip!

This weekend, four of us took a road trip to our Monastery of Brooklyn where two of their sisters, Sister Judith Marguerite and Sister Damaris Ines, made their solemn profession. Above is a picture of their novitiate group, taken several years ago; we've indicated the two profitandae with some poorly drawn arrows. As soon as they are available, however, we'll post some pictures from the profession. It was too glorious an occasion not to share.

The solemn profession also marked the 151st anniversary of the foundation of our Brooklyn monastery. Bishop Thomas Daily, bishop emeritus of the diocese of Brooklyn, presided and Mother Susan Marie received the vows of the sisters. In attendance were numerous family and friends of the professed as well as friends of the community.

Those of us who traveled are still aglow from the beautiful ceremony and the gracious hospitality we experienced in Brooklyn. Click here for a link to information about our Monastery of Brooklyn.

"This is the way, my dear Sisters. Grace will never be wanting to us if we are faithful in seconding its attractions; thus will God bless us and our labors."
St. Jane de Chantal

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