13 September 2006

Face Lift

...or maybe we should call it an HTML-makeover! As of yesterday morning, our monastery website has a new look. There are several people to thank for this much-needed and long-overdue improvement. First and foremost, many thanks to Rick Lugari, author of the award-winning blog, De Civitate Dei, and charter member of the Amateur Catholic B-Team. Rick's skilled hand and creative mind produced neatly-coded templates for us to use during the "makeover process." Rick's generosity of time and talent provided excellent long-distance technical support -- and good humor along the way!

On the 'schoolfront', we must thank our very own IT director, Fred, whose creative approach to problem solving and kindness toward technologically-challenged nuns have distinguished him as a man of great patience. Thanks also to John, our AV coordinator, whose ingenuity and creativity are responsible for the "no plug-in-needed" slide shows on two of the pages. Bravo!

Finally, on the 'homefront' a word of thanks to Sister Mary Proofreader who read all the texts for the pages, corrected typos and untangled poor grammar. Thanks also to our sisters who were good sports about being photographed...again and again and again.

Click here to visit the new page.

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