21 March 2006

Moving Moments

In preparation for our first ever renovation (in 207 years!) we have spent the last few weeks gathering into the hallways all the furniture to be moved; now, it seems a bit odd to see most of the hallways empty, once again. We are lucky enough to be able to leave in place a couple of our statues which would be too heavy to move. "Sister Mary Bubblewrap" (pictured left) strikes again as the Sacred Heart of Jesus receives a protective coat for "safe keeping" (pictured below).

One of our chaplains recently commented that we do not have to go looking for extraordinary challenges this Lent; we've been "exiled" already!

All kidding aside, we are very grateful to have enough nooks and crannies on campus to accommodate all of us so that we may remain together. Thanks to our trusty technology support, we have access to the internet in our various new abodes. And as we begin our time of "exile" we are grateful for the many graces of the Lord, the many kindnesses of our benefactors and friends and countless others who have helped us to move.

"Prayer is a hidden manna, neither known nor valued save by those to whom it is given, and the more we taste it the more does our appetite for it grow." St. Jane de Chantal

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