18 September 2006

Coming Soon

Later this week we shall have a long-awaited expose on one of our "refugee camps" -- we will spotlight our "Archivist in Exile." Prior to that, however, we'd like to share one of the unexpected "fruits" of our time in exile: Since our "refectory" and our "recreation area" are almost the same room in the "home base camp" -- and since washing supper dishes is much faster while we're in exile, we are able to catch the end of the 6.30 news before 7.00 recreation. This past Friday night ABC news featured an incredible story about their "Person of the week." This young man, Ray Ray McELrathbey, is worth sharing with our readers. Click here for a few other links about this extraordinary story. And while you wait for the page to open, say a prayer of thanksgiving for the grace of God which allowed this young man to overcome his own struggles in order to be such a great "father."

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