21 September 2006

Archivist in Exile

As promised, some time ago, we have a little window into one of our refugee camps. (If you are wondering why we're living in exile, click here for a previous post.) Sister Archivist shows the entry way to "The Passage" which is guarded by an electronic lock (lest some of our new and -- at times -- lost freshman stumble into this "refugee camp"). This dormitory hallway was given its appellation by a guest a number of years ago and we have referred to it as "The Passage" ever since! Among the more challenging aspects of being an archivist in exile is locating items in the temporary storage areas provided. Currently, there are six sisters living in this "camp."

Sister Archivist discovers a "blocked staircase" on the Passage. It is protected by a zip-door reinforced with heavy-duty duct tape. Such discoveries are not altogether uncommon during this time of renovation. For although we are living (temporarily) in the school, we cannot seem to escape construction work. In fact, at times, it even seems to follow us!! Perhaps one of the perks, however, of life on the passage is the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and the opportunity for a quiet space for prayer amid the disruption of being out of the monastery for these 6 months. Despite the inconvenience of the construction, we maintain how fortunate we are to remain together and on campus!

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