02 February 2010

Feature Presentation

In many different places our Jubilee year has been promoted through multi-media, including videos and press releases about upcoming events. After viewing several inspiring video-announcements of our Jubilee year (in French) from some of our monasteries in Europe, our Federation President, Mother Susan Marie has put forth a message of her own, inviting viewers to consider the spiritual riches of the mystery of the Rosary which inspired our Order.

"O my dear Sisters, you who claim this Virgin for your Mother . . . what zeal you should have in imitating her, especially her charity and humility, which were the chief virtues which urged her to make this visitation. . . . be most careful to model your lives on hers. Be meek, humble, charitable and kind, and magnify the Lord with her during this life. And if you do so humbly and faithfully in this world, you will undoubtedly sing the Magnificat in heaven."
St. Francis de Sales

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