07 February 2010

Nuns Stopping Traffic, again!

Back in June we stopped traffic when we unloaded 5,000 copies of our Jubilee-year book. Yesterday's record snowfall inspired some creativity. Above, Sister Anne E and Stephanie "recycle" some of the snow they shoveled in the morning.

The pile of "recycled snow" grew and Sister Mary Roberta made a "head" for the top. Little by little, our "Sister Mary Snowden" took shape.
A close up of the snow-sister's head and torso (which were knocked down by a loud and drunken bunch of young men at 10.30pm.)

Sister and Stephanie stand next to the finished snow-nun. Why "Sister Mary Snowden"? Of all the 300+ names of sisters who have lived and died in our monastery, we thought our Sister Anne Marie Snowden had the best name for the larger-than-life replica. Sister Anne Marie Snowden entered our community in 1847, made her profession in 1849 and lived here until she died of breast cancer in 1900.

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