29 January 2010

Blog the Good News

Most folks have probably already read that on Sunday 24 January the Holy Father, during his message for 44th World Communications Day, told priests to witness to the Gospel using the latest digital resources available. He did qualify, however, that priests who use the latest in social communications should be recognized for their Christ-like qualities more so than for their technological savvy. Striking a balance between an attractive medium in which to present one's message and keeping the message focused on Christ is a reasonable goal -- one which is met by many of the informative and spiritually enriching blogs already being published by priests.

It is quite fitting that this year's World Communications Day fell on the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of journalists (and that this post is published on his former feast day.) It is hardly an accident that he is named the patron saint of journalists. During his time in the Chablais, St. Francis de Sales copied, by hand, many of his sermons and distributed them widely by slipping them under the doors of those who had strayed from the faith. These sermons later became known as "The Controversies" and, more recently, (and more "politically correct") as "Meditations on the Church." His creativity in dissemination of information won him the patronage of journalists. It seems likely then that our Holy Founder would smile upon Pope Benedict's recent exhortation that the clergy use the multi-media available to them to show that "God has a rightful place in every age, including our own."

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