18 February 2010

Flying Franciscan

As many might know, St. Joseph of Cupertino was known to levitate when he prayed. As amazing a gift as the grace of levitation is, St. Joseph of Cupertino is a model of perseverance and charity for all of us today. We may not find ourselves brushing the ceiling when we pray, but we do find ourselves in situations where we struggle to be charitable in the face of injustice or unkindness; in this, we find a sterling example in the "flying Franciscan."

February's "movie and pizza" preceding our monthly all-night adoration will be "Reluctant Saint: St. Joseph of Cupertino." Locals may RSVP on FB or by sending an email. The movie will start at 7.15 in our school's "Little Odeon" on the 3rd floor.

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