11 February 2010

Snow Nun Video

Someone once attributed this to Mother Teresa: "What you spend years building can be destroyed overnight. Build anyway." We'd have to agree here at the corner of 35th and P Streets ... it may only have taken a few hours to build Sister Mary Snowden but the effort -- despite the destruction -- was worth the camaraderie with countless pedestrians (and even a few drive-by conversations!)

We've finally collected some footage of the building -- and rebuilding -- of the Sisters Mary Snowden. Not to be missed is the acrobatic move of one of our neighbors at the 1.00 minute mark. He bounced back very dexterously and even managed to take a couple of pictures before continuing along his way.

Among the delightful neighbors we met during our time creating Sister Mary Snowden, were some who came by to help us rebuild after the first snow nun was demolished. We were greeted with suggestions from passers-by about how to get the "new snow" to stick to the "old snow" and we chatted with neighbors who posed with Sister Mary Snowden for a picture. Despite the frustration of seeing sister leveled twice over, we enjoyed meeting neighbors and seeing local families and students.

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