16 April 2008

Section 135

Hiding behind the right field foul pole is a Visitation sister, looking somewhat drawn, awaiting the gates to open at Nationals Park. In addition to 130 students and faculty, ten sisters will be making their way to the new baseball stadium early on Thursday morning. Although we do not know exactly where we will be sitting, our tickets say "Section 135." If the Holy Father hits a deep foul ball, we might just be in a good position to make a catch. All kidding aside, we are very grateful to the Chancery office for their distribution of tickets to religious of the Archdiocese of Washington. Stay tuned for photos from our "Pilgrimage" to Nationals Park.
"I am convinced that without the power of prayer, without that intimate union with the Lord, our human endeavours would achieve very little. Indeed this is what our faith teaches us. It is God who saves us, he saves the world, and all of history. He is the Shepherd of his people. I am coming, sent by Jesus Christ, to bring you his word of life. "
His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

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