20 April 2008

The Pilgrims' Journal

On Thursday morning at 6.40am, we boarded a "mini-bus" with visiting sisters from our Monastery in Rockville, VA as well as a few friends of the monastery. Our faithful driver dropped us at the "First Base Gate" at National Stadium and, against all odds, was able to meet us in the exact same place, after Mass was ended! It's hard to attend an event with 46,000 other (mostly-local) Catholics and not meet many people whom we know. Prior to Mass, we bumped into our very own Papal Communicant, a member of our class of 2008. In addition, we met many alumnae, parents, friends, priests and fellow religious. In addition, we ran into several groups of our seniors who attended the Mass with faculty and administrators.
The sound of this humble video leaves a bit to be desired, but since only "still" cameras were allowed in the stadium, we captured -- as best we could -- the joy and enthusiasm of the event, to share with our readers. :)

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