28 April 2008

Promoting Chastity

Several weeks ago we were privileged to welcome local author Dawn Eden for a visit. She shared with us some of her adventures promoting the very worthy cause of chastity among young adults. Her 2007 account of her own journey to chastity is a compelling and realistic witness for young women (and men) today. Judging by the title, it might sound as though it were penned by the famous cartoon Road Runner, escaping the antics of Wile E. Coyote. To the contrary, it is written by an intrepid soul who chronicles her escape from the world of empty pleasures and her new-found delight and deep joy in living chastely.

Buy a copy for your favorite college-bound high school senior: a priceless gift for any young woman you care about.

Ms. Eden just finished her first ever high school tour, having recently visited at least five high schools (gleaning from her three posts) in Ontario, Canada. Hats -- err, veils -- off to such an inspiring member of what Pope John Paul II prayed would be the new evangelization.

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