12 April 2008

Bring on the Spring!

Last Friday our senior class and our Fathers' club sponsored a service afternoon where dads, daughters and sisters (and some brave faculty members) donned gloves and aprons and helped beautify some of the more neglected areas of the monastery garden. Above, gloves and tools are abandoned for a group picture and a gold/white Twinkie eating contest. We do have pictures of that, but thought -- in good taste -- it might be better not to share them in this post. We can report, however, that the white team duo claimed the victory with a belly-busting 11 Twinkies in 60 seconds. (And gold wasn't far behind at 10!)

Above, Sister Rosemarie and her gardenin' angels pause for the roving camera. More pictures to come from this most delightful and fruitful afternoon of work.

"The Sister Gardener is to be very careful in keeping herself provided with all seeds and necessary plants, and have plenty of cooling herbs for the soups, . . . and likewise medicinal herbs."
St. Jane de Chantal

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