08 April 2008

A New Line of Spring Clothes

At 3.15 yesterday, our postulant, Catherine, was received into the novitiate and clothed in the habit. We share here a few photos from the ceremony that took place prior to a Mass of Thanksgiving, celebrated at 4.00pm in our Chapel of the Sacred Heart, marking Sister Catherine's first "public appearance" in her new attire.
At left, Catherine is pictured on her way into the community room for her Reception. The chore of keeping her white shirts clean and ironed will now be replaced by keeping her white veil in order: a happy trade-off for most novices!

Above, the community assembles and reviews the ceremony prior to singing the opening hymn.

Catherine kneels before Mother Philomena and asks to begin her novitiate and receive her habit.

After a (remarkably) brief period of time, Sister Catherine -- escorted by Sister Leonie Therese -- emerges from the wardrobe in her habit.

Finally, Sister Catherine is welcomed by the community with the kiss of peace.

Thank you to all of our extended Visitation family who attended Mass and shared in our celebration.

"It is quite certain that when God calls anyone to a state of life, He binds Himself, in consequence, by His divine Providence, to furnish that person with all the aids required to become perfect in his vocation."

St. Francis de Sales

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