24 August 2006

God of all Fruitfulness

There is one who plants, one who waters and still more who weed (and even one who "talks with them!) -- but we all know that it is God who gives the growth. And, indeed, we have much for which to be grateful this year! Amid the busyness of our renovation (update forthcoming) it seems that there has been less time than usual to tend the vegetable garden; despite this, however, we have window-sills full of ripening tomatoes. In fact, we are quickly running out of window-sill room! (Not a bad problem to have.)

In addition to having a bountiful harvest of tomatoes, we have more summer squash than we can dream of eating. Our dispenser, Sister Mary Austin, has managed to disguise it in numerous creative ways. Perhaps the most noteworthy (and very tasty) was the "squash cobbler" we had for dessert last week. It almost tasted like an apple pie!

There is no nifty quotation from our Holy Founders today. It probably comes as no surprise that St. Francis de Sales, in his voluminous writings, does not have anything to say about the tomato. (For, tomatoes did not make their way into French cuisine until the 18th Century.)

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