11 August 2006

Your Cross

Today's Gospel gives urges us to reflect on our own willingness to "take up [our] cross" and follow Christ. St. Francis de Sales has a poignant reflection on this. We shall let his words be today's reflection on this powerful Gospel reading.

God in His divine wisdom has
from all eternity beheld the cross
He bestows on you --
His precious gift
from His Heart.
He contemplated the cross
with his all-knowing eye
before bestowing it on you.
He pondered over it with His divine mind;
He examined it with His all-wise justice;
With his loving mercy
He warmed it through and through;
And with both His hands
He weighed it
to determine it be
one ounce too heavy for you.
He blessed it with His all-holy Name;
With His grace He anointed it;
And with His consolation
He perfumed it through and through;
And then once more
He considered you and your courage.
Finally it comes from heaven as a special message of God
to you,
an alms
of the all-merciful love
of God
for you.

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