08 December 2005

A Word from Mother

On Saturday evening, prior to Evening Prayer, Mother Philomena gave the community a little ferverino -- as is our house custom each week. Her brief reflection this week focused on Mary as we were anticipating today's Solemnity of her Immaculate Conception. Mother's words are here shared with our readers:

"The season of Advent is a wonderful time to renew our 'yes' to the Lord as we reflect on the life of our Blessed Mother. When she said 'yes' to the Angel's message, she handed over the privilege of shaping her own life. She allowed God to direct the events that would unfold, beginning with the Incarnation. She literally handed over any designs she might have had on shaping her own life. She gave God her heart and her will. Let us, this Advent season, renew our 'yes' to the Lord with Mary and let us allow Him to direct the course of our lives."
Saturday 3 December 2005

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