07 December 2005

All or Nothing

If St. Francis de Sales had to choose only one "holy snippet" from the Gospels, by which to identify his approach to living, praying and preaching, it is a safe bet that he would have chosen today's Gospel reading from Matthew 11.
When the Lord invites us to come to him and take upon our shoulders his yoke, we are invited to consider how we come before the Lord. It is easy, at times, to give into the temptation to give over to the Lord only some of what we have on our hearts and minds: "Here, Lord, you can take care of this and this and I'll take care of these other things over here." It may not seem to be a fair exchange, but the Lord wants all of us -- all of our troubles and burdens, all that makes us weary and tired. For only then, only when we lay at his feet all that burdens us can we free our shoulders to take up his yoke, which is easy and light. When we stop wresting with our cares and burdens and give them to the Lord, only then we can rest in Him.

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