01 December 2005

Patron Saint of Journalists

What would St. Francis de Sales have to say about his Visitation Sisters starting a blog? A great deal, most likely. For it is no accident that he is named the patron saint of journalists. During his time in the Chablais, St. Francis de Sales copied, by hand, many of his sermons and distributed them widely by slipping them under the doors of those who had strayed from the faith. These sermons later became known as "The Controversies" and, more recently, as "Meditations on the Church." His creativity in dissemination of information won him the patronage of journalists. It seems likely then that our Holy Founder would smile upon us beginning a blog. In fact, a modern iconic rendering, depicting him as patron of journalists, shows him seated at a computer with the Holy Spirit perched on his monitor. We may not be slipping sermons under anyone's door, but perhaps we can share our adventures and musings as we strive to Live Jesus in the footsteps of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal.


John said...

Welcome to St Blogs Parish - may God bless all of you and your ministry richly. Yes, Live Jesus!

Your brother in Christ, John

Anonymous said...

Great to see you sharing your spirituality and wisdom in this creative format. Thanks, thanks!

Amanda Therese said...

Woohoo! Lets go Monastery Blogs! The future for internet spiritual onlookers! :)

Welcome my dear sisters! If need to know anything just talk to Moniales OP (Three sisters know me more then I really know myself!!!)

I'll say my name is Amanda. Welcome to blogspot, have a great time, check out blogs, post away your share of life to others, preach, pray, add photos, and jokes, ah- you get the point! :)

Peace said...

Welcome to blogging! I am a new convert. I look forward to learning from you.

God bless you.

In God's Light,

Therese Z said...

I love my dear St. Francis de Sales! I look forward to reading a blog with lots of Salesian spirituality!