28 December 2005

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Bishop Coakley! The Most Rev'd Paul S. Coakley was ordained to the Episcopate on 28 December 2004 and named the tenth Bishop of Salina, Kansas.

Bishop Coakley first visited our monastery as a child, in the arms of his mother Mary, the blood sister of our own Sister Mary Stanislaus. Later, as a seminarian at Mount St. Mary's in Emmitsburg, he visited often, bringing with him many fellow seminarians in tow. After further studies and some years in pastoral ministry, he was asked to return to Mount St. Mary's as a spiritual director. Once more, we were so blessed to have him near us and this time, he was one of our chaplains coming, as often as he was able, to celebrate Mass for the community.

On 13 November 2005, Bishop Coakley received the cross of affiliation from our monastery, entitling him to all the spiritual benefits of a member of our Order. Pictured below is Bishop Coakley, sporting his Visitation cross, sitting with his aunt, Sister Mary Stanislaus.

To read more about Bishop Coakley, click here.

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