05 December 2005

Advent Advice

As we look ahead to the Solemnity of Our Lady on Thursday, we are reminded of what a model she is, for each of us, during the Advent season. St. Jane de Chantal addressed some of our early sisters on 1 December 1629, exhorting them to take Our Lady as their model:

"Let us see, during this holy season, what are the actions and thoughts of our Lady, and strive to imitate her according to our small power. . . In imitation of her, who was continually occupied in looking at the Divine Word in her pure and chaste womb, we should also look at the Lord in our hearts. Let us talk with Him, stay at His feet." St. Jane de Chantal

May we find in Our Lady an example to imitate and, in doing so, may we find in our hearts, a place to visit frequently with Our Lord, during this sacred season of waiting.


Mary Kathryn, hermit said...

May God richly bless your efforts in cyberspace as you share your lives of prayer, work, and contemplation. Holy Advent.

vinegarhill said...

God bless you. What a beaut of a blog.