25 July 2009

Service and Sisterhood

Last week some of our sisters helped to cook for the students participating in the week-long service program called "Vistory." (Despite what it looks like, it's not a compound of "Visitation" and "History" ... it's an acronym that includes some of the following words: Visitation, service, responsive, youth, etc., and Sister Mary Blogger can't quite put all the words together in the correct order!) Above, some of the students pose with sisters in the parking lot: a mid-point between the gym (sleeping quarters) and the student dining room (the feedbox). The week-long program focuses on service, Salesian spirituality and sisterhood.

Above, students install drywall at DC's Habitat for Humanity site. Below, a group of "Vistorians" flexes their muscles after some intense walking on an afternoon scavenger hunt. We were sorry to see our Vistory visitors leave us, but we look forward to staying in touch with them until the next Vistory service week. Next stop for Vistory: St. Paul, MN.

"The essence of prayer is not to be found in always being on our knees but in keeping our wills clearly united to God's will in all events. The soul which holds itself ready and open to yield itself obediently on any occasion ... can do this even while sweeping the floor." (or installing dry wall!)
St. Francis de Sales

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