01 July 2009

Don't Eat the Flowers!

As promised, a few posts ago, we are delighted to share some pictures of the non-edible (and very beautiful) plantings that our sisters have been tending this summer. Above is a close-up of flowers in a pot which will decorate the path leading up to our soon-to-arrive statue of Our Lady.

At the crossroads of the paths in the garden are splashes of color such as the group pictured above. Sister Mary Blogger couldn't begin to name all the beautiful flowers which are springing up, but she sure does enjoy the variety of colors and sizes.

Sister Mary Flower-Gardener has designed a "prairie planting" with some beautiful and delicate additions. Enlarged to the left of the photo is "Gaura" and to the right of the photo a desert flower which requires little water. The magnolia tree in the right side of the photo provides shade for St. Joseph and gainful employment for many a sister looking to help in the garden!

"The Church is a garden patterned with unlimited flowers"
St. Francis de Sales

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