09 July 2009

Family Reunion

Perhaps the waiting area outside the pearly gates will have movies, scenes from the bible, -- as only heaven could have witnessed them -- for the souls waiting to be called to judgment. And maybe -- one can only dream -- there will be a marquis that reads: "Genesis 43-45. " If there is, this blogger will be waiting in the front row for the feature presentation!

If you've never read the entirety of the "family reunion" in Genesis, it's worth starting in chapter 43. If you have time, you can go all the way back to chapter 37 when Joseph is 17 years old or -- better still -- to chapter 30, where Joseph is born; he is the first of Jacob's two sons born to Rachel. (Rachel later died after giving birth to Benjamin, Joseph's brother.)

Today's first reading, of necessity, edits out a great deal of the story of Joseph's reunion with his brothers and -- most poignantly -- with his brother Benjamin. It is well worth a read through the previous chapter(s) -- a Hollywood screenwriter would be hard-pressed to find a better script for a family drama: sibling rivalry, deception, abandonment, an unlikely rise to power, and forgiveness ... to name just a few themes! Treat yourself to a read ... or view this 9 minute clip, courtesy of You Tube.

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