11 October 2007

Make Straight the Way of the Lord

It may seem early for an Advent theme, but some among us are making "straight paths" even amid the mild fall that we are experiencing here in Washington DC. Sister Rosemarie has been hard at work using leftover bricks to build a path in leading up to the statue of Our Lady in the monastery garden. In the far right hand corner, Nicholas the dog, takes a break from "snoopervising" and enjoys a warm fall morning.

As Sister Rosemarie builds a "path" to Mary, it is welcome reminder for us -- during this month of October -- that approaching the Lord through his Virgin Mother is a powerful way to pray. Our dear sister may be a long time finishing her path to Mary (at least until she finds a masonry saw to tidy up the edges of her bricklaying) but the rest of us can approach Our Lady instantly in moments of trial and moments of joy as we pray for the grace to be as faithful to the will of God as she was.

"Let us then, have recourse to Mary, and as her little children, cast ourselves into her bosom with perfect confidence; at all times and on all occasions let us invoke her maternal love, and strive to imitate her virtues."
St. Francis de Sales

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