26 October 2007

Fair Play

This post hails from Stuebenville, Ohio -- the city of Murals. Readers can rest assured (as can our community) that the "Visi Vocation Van" arrived at the Super 8 last night with all passengers and cargo intact -- Deo Gratias. Last night we paid a visit to the 24-hour Eucharistic Adoration chapel of St. Mary of the Angels. Outside the chapel, Sister Rose found a beautiful nativity scene which is located near the tomb of the unborn child -- a very moving outdoor oratory.

Sister also discovered that our modest accommodations include wireless Internet service -- so we can share a few photos of our adventure along the way!

At 6.30am Mass, we were delighted (but not surprised) to find a chapel full of students and visiting religious. The Vocations Fair began at setting up at 9.00, welcomed students at 11.00 and ended a little after 5.00. Below is a picture of our table.

There were many interesting exhibits at the fair. The Salesians, (not picture in the photo, located directly to our left) were giving away yo-yos and the Benedictine monks of St. Vincent's Archabbey were spinning yarn (in addition to recruiting vocations!)

After the fair ended a number of vocation directors and students gathered for Adoration in the Chapel of St. Mary of the Angels. We should have a short video with highlights from the fair posted sometime next week. Stay tuned to see Sister Rosemarie try her hand at a yo-yo!

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