16 October 2007

Feast of St. Margaret Mary

Setting up the Choir for the Great Feast!
On 27th December 1673 St. Margaret Mary had an unusually quiet day in the infirmary, where she worked as an aide. With a little more time than usual on her hands, she slipped into the Chapel to pray before the Blessed Sacrament. It was then that Our Lord blessed her with her first revelation of His Most Sacred Heart.
In her own words, she tells us:

"And so once, when I was before the Blessed Sacrament and had more leisure than usual, for the duties given me left very little, I found myself surrounded by this divine presence, but so powerfully that I forgot where I was and who I was, and I abandoned myself to this divine Spirit, surrendering my heart to the power of His love."
Very few of us are privileged to have such experiences of the Lord (at least on this side of eternity!) but all of us are invited to seek him as earnestly as St. Margaret Mary did. Perhaps one of the most significant aspects about this first revelation is that St. Margaret Mary had a few extra minutes on her hands and sought to spend them with the Lord. There are so many different things which vie for our moments of free time. Let us follow the example of St. Margaret Mary and direct our spare moments -- of mind and heart -- to His Most Sacred Heart.

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