15 October 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green

....but it's good!

Today has been designated "blog-action" day, to raise awareness about caring for the environment. We're not usually into the changing tides of trendy-blogging, but "green" is a worthy cause which is important to those of us who strive to live simply and waste as little as possible. This past Thursday our school celebrated Founders' Day and in her talk about "Thoughtful Concern for Others," Sister Mary Berchmans spoke about becoming more "green" in our daily life around school. At the first mention of it, a round of applause began.

A plug for Sister Mary Berchmans' "green-credibility": just about every memo or announcement that Sister posts on the monastery bulletin board is printed on the back of a recycled piece of paper. Sometimes the information on the back is more interesting than the information on the front (just kidding!) Sister used to use the back of the school bulletin for printer paper, but since the school bulletin went "green" last year, there are very few paper copies to be had. Please join us (and 15,000 other blogs) in encouraging others to talk about (and pray for) the preservation of the environment.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

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